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“In the pursuit of health and beauty, what you put on your hair and skin is as important as what you eat”

Do you know that 60% of what you put on your hair and skin goes into your bloodstream? That is an approximate of 150 different types of chemicals a day! It is alarming how we are exposed to so many types of chemicals in our daily beauty regime. Putting us at risk of serious health problems, i.e. cancer, neurological problems etc.

Beauty is not at the expense of your health and everyone can be good looking and confident just by going green. We believe in the mysterious healing powders of Mother Earth, which is why all our products are derived from agricultural farming and certified organic where possible.

Bottom line is: “SAFE”. And we want YOU to be safe!

So, come on down and enjoy a pampering session (hair or beauty) with our non-toxic, organic and natural services/products.

be safe, feel safe
Be Beautiful from Within.

Services & Treatments

Hair Services

Have your “mane”tainence at our eco-friendly and award winning hair salon. Dubbed hair salon of the month in 2015 by HfU4M magazine and features on The Business Times and Women’s Weekly, we are without a doubt the go to place for your tresses and manes. Learn more >>

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Facial Therapy

A truly holistic facial experience with Mother Earth. No invasive machines and extractions, along with non-toxic, organic and natural products, we are here to make a difference in your skin. Working with crystals strategically placed in every room, balance your energies and emotions during your therapy. We also have a special program for cancer patients and survivors by our certified Oncology Therapist. Learn more >>

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From The Essence of Mother Earth

All our products are specially selected for each and every one of you. Derived only from agricultural farming, each product holds the power of nature’s healing properties. Since Ancient times, plants, fruits and even mud were used in beauty and healing rituals. From renowned beauties to fierce warriors, they have been tapping into the miracles of nature for their therapeutic benefits.

~ Conscious Beauty ~
Furthermore, with the increase in global warming, it is of the utmost importance to be eco-friendly, so as to sustain the environment. We have to be responsible for the world with live in. That is why our products are friendly to our beautiful planet.

No Carcinogens. No Allergens. No Toxic Chemicals.